Hawaiian Dussumieri Tang (Show Size)

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This is a "Collector's Chamber" item. All items that are listed in this section are "WYSIWYG" (what you see is what you get). The animal pictured is the EXACT specimen you will receive. Item's in this section, should only be purchased by experienced hobbyists who have the proper knowledge to care for such specimens.
*** All Collector's Chamber fish must ship within 3 days of quarantine completion or purchase date, via Delta Cargo(airport pickup); which ever comes first. Due to the irreplaceable nature of Collector's Chamber fish, we strongly urge you to reach out to us; to arrange receipt before purchase. ***

Dussumieri Tang
(Acanthurus dussumieri)

This fish truly has quite the story. Originally from Hawaii, this fish was sent to Quality Marine and purchased by Infinity Aquariums. It then went to its new home in the Famous tank of Jeff Tremaine. It was the same tank featured on the Animal Planet show "Tanked". Over the years it became a stud of a fish and has developed the mature coloration of a Dussimer that is so appealing. Its tank mates over the years were mainly large aggressive fish; so, he is fully capable of holding his own in aggressive tanks. We picked up this fish a little over a month ago and fully quarantined with our standard protocol. Currently, this fish is being housed in our 900 gallon Hawaiian display tank in the Marine Collectors facility and is awaiting its forever home. Once Purchased, we will re-quarantine fish fish to ensure additional assurance of receiving a clean heathy fish.- Quarantine will start on the day of purchase and will be projected to ship 2 weeks later.

Current Size: 14"
Current Diet: Purple and Green Nori, PE mysis, NLS pellets, TDO pellets, Hikari Seaweed Extreme Pellets, chopped table shrimp, and occasionally krill
Current Temperament: A model Citizen

Minimum Tank Size: 1000
Care Level: Easy/ Beginner
Temperament: Semi- Aggressive
Reef Compatible: Yes
Water conditions: Temp 74-82F, pH 7.8-8.5, Salinity 1.022-1.026
Maximum Size: 1' 9"
Diet: Herbivore
Origin: Hawaii
Family: Acanthuridae