Odontanthias Katayamai

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This is a "Collector's Chamber" item. All items that are listed in this section are "WYSIWYG" (what you see is what you get). The animal pictured is the EXACT specimen you will receive. Items in this section should only be purchased by experienced hobbyists who have the proper knowledge to care for such specimens.
*** This Collector's Chamber fish must ship within 3 days of purchase or within 3 days after quarantine is completed via Delta Cargo(airport pickup). Due to the irreplaceable nature of Collector's Chamber fish, we strongly urge you to reach out to us to arrange receipt before purchase. In the extremely unlikely event that the fish arrives DOA, you will not receive a replacement or refund, but you will receive a store credit for the amount of the fish that can be used on a future purchase.***

Odontanthias Katayamai

Infrequently seen, in even the most rare of fish collections in Asian countries, the Katayamai Anthias is in a class of its own. A fish so rare that only a few specimens have entered the United States for curation of public aquaria; most often perishing shortly after collection too. Currently there are no known living specimens of this species in the United states, and for good reason. There're just aren't that many that make it on land alive, let alone in good condition. Hailing for the deep reefs of Japan and Taiwan, Katayamai are often found in excess of 600ft deep; much too deep for rebreather diving and infrequent enough for submarine collections. In January of 2020, we started the process to procure this fish from our friends in Japan. Around December of 2020, we got word that this specimen had been collected. The circumstances were a storm that had brought the fish up with low surface temperatures. This crucial part of information was the key to getting this fish to surface in good condition. At depth, the environment that these fish inhabit is 10 to 15 degrees cooler than the surface. For anyone who understands deepwater fish, most are damaged by the dramatic temperature swing from depth temperature to surface temperature. To be sure that the fish would be stable, it was held there until late April 2021. On the last week of April, we scheduled the shipment to arrive and set up a system specifically for it. Upon arrival, it was kept at 65 degrees and since then it has been slowly brought up to around 70 degrees. While still cooler than most reef tanks, this particular fish has been acclimated and conditioned over several months. Now it is used to a captive environment that is more applicable to most collectors. After about 6 months of conditioning and almost a year in captivity, we have finally decided to list the first ever Katayamai for sale to the retail market in the United States. If the rarity of this fish wasn't enough, these fish also glow! However show stopping their appearance may be under normal lighting, these fish have a uniquely metallic pigmentation on the head and along the back that glows under actinics. This is nearly impossible to capture with a normal camera and is best appreciated in person. Currently this specimen is being housed in one of our deep water systems and kept at 70 degrees. This fish should really be kept by an expert aquarist that is familiar with deepwater species. This particular Anthias will be re - quarantined once purchased. Due to the nature of this fish, it will undergo a Specialized TTM Style Quarantine as to not harm it with abrasive medications. Shipping can be expected 2 weeks after purchase.

Current Size: 5"
Current Diet: PE Mysis, Krill, Chopped Table Shrimp
Current Temperature: 69/70
Current Temperament: Peaceful

Minimum Tank Size: 120
Care Level: Moderate
Temperament: Semi-Agressive 
Reef Compatible: Reef Safe
Water conditions: Temp 64-70F, pH 7.8-8.5, Salinity 1.022-1.026
Maximum Size: 8"
Diet: Omnivore
Origin: Taiwan and Japan
Family: Serranidae