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We are the one stop shop for everything marine fish! All of our fish are handpicked or ordered specifically for you! Below you'll find our specialized protocols. pick teh best one for you based on your needs!



"Just the fish please!"

We are not only about e


“make it easy“

$160 MC Parasite treatment protocol.  (99% effective)

  • You will receive a healthy parasite free* fish which has been eating for more than a week.
    • 2-4 weeks in therapeutics and tank transfers. 
    • 2-4 weeks visual observation for healthy behavior and eating
    • Our guarantee. If an fish purchased from MC doesn’t make it through the protocol it will be replaced free of charge and the MC Parasite treatment protocol will be repeated free of charge**
  • Our team, system and processes strive for 100% free of Ich, Brook, Velvet , Fluke and Uronema free is the MC.  >99% free of parasites is the realistic obtainable goal that we achieve. 
  • * Fish are guaranteed healthy, eating and 99% parasite free here at the MC facility. The teams expertise and reputation back that. However we can not guarantee health after entering your aquarium.  This is because >99% of fish health issues from that point on are are from existing but hidden parasites,  aggression from existing tank mates, water quality, chemistry issues, and introduction mistakes. 



  • $175 “make it easy“ option. Includes personal selection of the best fish we can find, 14 day proactive treatment for parasites. Food and care for your fish for three weeks. A guarantee that it is acclimated from the wild to aquarium environment and actively eating prepared foods.
  • $999 annual year club subscription that gets the “make it easy option” on all orders (6 max annually).  Subscriptions “own the customer” they won’t shop anywhere else and are rarely canceled . They often earn for 1-2 years after they stop or slow ordering. I’d suggest this to anyone who wants to order a school of fish and then own them permanently.
  • Collectors corner:  cool stuff that has already been through the “make it easy” treatment
  • The DTC model all gravity over your competitors rather than used to fund it 😊
  • Expansion opportunity: Coral and inverts . The combination of high rewards and need to hit the $349 threshold invites expansion into these areas


  • Shipping charges are $100. No apologies, we just do it better than others because we care about the animals. Free shipping threshold is $349. This is double many suppliers and intentionally less attractive to the 80% of the garbage fish buyers you don’t want.  Everyone worth having can buy $349 in their first order. The $70 in rewards will retain them perpetually after.