Terms and Conditions

Marine Collectors Terms & Conditions
Purchase with Confidence! Here at Marine Collectors, we strive to supply our customers with only the highest quality livestock available. All livestock is individually hand picked and inspected by expert hobbyists with over 15 years of experience. If the item you purchased does not arrive alive, we will gladly credit your account, or ship you a new one. Free shipping is not applicable on replacement orders. Shipping costs are not refundable; we are not liable for losses due to shipping delays or acts of god.
We are proud to say that we have over a 99.9% success rate with shipping fish. Out of 5 years that we've been open and running, and thousands upon thousands of fish sent, we have only ever had a few fish arrive DOA. Yes, that even includes boxes delayed and stuck in the mail. DOAs almost never happen, but in the rare event of a casualty it is important to know our terms and conditions of our guarantees. Please read carefully! We only cover Dead On Arrival losses.
 -Please do not discard item with out contacting us and receiving confirmation first, doing so will void all guarantee's.
-Dead On Arrival(DOA): a message must be submitted with in 1 hour of postmarked arrival along with the lost animal still in the bag.
-It is your responsibility to provide proof of your deceased animal, if we do not receive any form of proof that the animal is lost, we will not credit your account.
-You must be available for delivery and must receive the package on the first attempt even if the shipper is late with the delivery. We will call, message, or email you to coordinate the best time for you to receive your package
- All items that are ordered will be held and quarantined for 14 days, we will cover and guarantee any items while in quarantine, unless otherwise stated.
- All items must be shipped after the 14 day quarantine is over. We will call, message, or email you to schedule shipping. If the fish are not taken after quarantine is completed, we can not be held responsible for losses. We will always care for the animals to the best of our abilities regardless.
- Please always be 100% sure of your purchase prior to buying. It is always best to do research on the animals you are looking to house. This way it does not waste our our time, your time, or potentially put a pet at risk.
- We ONLY ship within the USA. If you place an order, and you reside out of the country, and we do not catch it prior to us collecting the fish for you. You WILL NOT be refunded. If you would like us to ship to a remote location, within the US, that can be coordinated.
- Items once purchased, MUST be taken! We do not issue refunds, cancellations, exchanges, or indulge in any form of buyer's remorse once items have been purchased. 
-Once purchased, your fish will generally take 1-5 days to source prior to quarantine. The total wait time from purchase date to delivery is typically 2-4 weeks.
-Due to COVID delays still effecting shipping we are currently only shipping FedEx Priority Overnight Monday-Wednesday with Tuesday-Thursday arrivals ***