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With the marine aquaria hobby, it becomes an obsession. You're the type of person drawn to a challenge. The balance to maintain your own perfect part of the ocean is not for everyone. If you’ve stuck with it, eventually you'll graduate to different levels of fishkeeping. Marine Collectors is a business built around catering to that advanced hobbyist. When you have moved on from ordinary fish and want to take the plunge with a premium fish, Marine Collectors is your one stop shop.
Unlike any other online retailer, we work with you to find the perfect stocking for your piece of the ocean. Our focus is on rare and high end species. Your vendor to customer relationship will be very different from anywhere else. Everything is personal. We're not a company that dropships or does fulfillment via stocklist. Every fish that comes through Marine Collectors is brought in for a specific customer with specific needs. When you buy fish here, you're getting the very best. 
Every week, Sunday through Thursday, Los Angeles wholesaler isles are walked and handpicked for premium fish. For those extreme once in a lifetime rareties, we work with divers and collection facilities from around the world. We get you the impossible when no one else can. If you have reached the obsessive level of fish keeping and are ready to get quality fish, give us a try. You won’t be disappointed.
​ - Elliot L. Owner/ Operator of Marine Collectors

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Industry Leaders trust us, why not give us a try!

Marine Collector provides arguably the best quarantine and conditioning service in the US for tropical fishes, including sharks and rays! Their team focuses on eradication of ailments, while getting them conditioned to feeding on prepared foods with gusto. Both of those tasks can prove quite difficult, time consuming, and very expensive for aquarists. Working with Marine Collectors has allowed our team to focus on what we do best, system design and installations, then having the confidence that the animals our clients receive will start them on the best foot possible!

Austin Lefevre (Tenji Aquarium Designs)

Elliot has become more than just the guy I get my fish from. He's a fish health mentor and at times a fish veterinarian. I have never encountered an accessible skill set quite like his before.

Ryan Batcheller (Bulk Reef Supply)

Marine Collectors has proven to be a reputable source for healthy and reliable fish for our many installations. We've had great success with both common and rare species and know that we can rely on Elliot to deliver quality livestock every time!

Nic Tiemens (Infinity Aquariums)

Procuring high quality healthy live stock is a challenge. Elliot always provides high quality fish that are eating and have body weight on them. My only concern about ordering from Elliot is getting to my box ASAP so I can admire what's inside!

Mark Callahan (Mr. Saltwater Tank)

Marine Collectors has taken the guess work out of stocking aquariums with a wide selection of livestock. From sourcing rare species for a specific client or getting healthy fish for an exiting account, Elliot does't let us down!

Jeremy Kuklenski (Elite Aquarium Design)

Education: Parasites, Quarantine, and more!

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