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With the marine aquaria hobby, it becomes an obsession. You're the type of person drawn to a challenge. The balance to maintain your own perfect part of the ocean is not for everyone. If you’ve stuck with it, eventually you'll graduate to different levels of fishkeeping. Marine Collectors is a business built around catering to that advanced hobbyist. When you have moved on from ordinary fish and want to take the plunge with a premium fish, Marine Collectors is your one stop shop.
Unlike any other online retailer, we work with you to find the perfect stocking for your piece of the ocean. Our focus is on rare and high end species. Your vendor to customer relationship will be very different from anywhere else. Everything is personal. We're not a company that dropships or does fulfillment via stocklist. Every fish that comes through Marine Collectors is brought in for a specific customer with specific needs. When you buy fish here, you're getting the very best. 
Every week, Sunday through Thursday, Los Angeles wholesaler isles are walked and handpicked for premium fish. For those extreme once in a lifetime rareties, we work with divers and collection facilities from around the world. We get you the impossible when no one else can. If you have reached the obsessive level of fish keeping and are ready to get quality fish, give us a try. You won’t be disappointed.
​ - Elliot L. Owner/ Operator of Marine Collectors


Hats off to Elliot! He got me the exact fish that I’ve been looking for and the service is top notch. Do not hesitate to get fish from him... they are wonderfully conditioned and fat and healthy when you get them.

Nilesh Keshav

Thank you Elliot Lim for a healthy Bandit, came in healthy. A lot of people snoozed on a great deal!! Thx again!!.

Robert Brillantes

New addition, powder blue gold rim hybrid from Elliot Y Lim at Marine Collectors. Conditioned quarantined fish. Very fat and happy.

Lori Johnson

Huge shout out to Elliot Y. Lim. These gorgeous fish and some amazing zoas, which haven't opened yet. Buy with confidence because this dued is the man!!!!! Straight OG material. (fire emoji) I love these fish so much already (heart face emoji)

Jay Gravy Lovell

I learned about Marine Collectors from a video from BRS/Ryan B. I thought I'd try an online order though I was concerned about the shipping possibly causing the fish harm. I met the FedEx delivery guy in front of my home and he joked "the fish is probably a little dizzy by now." He also stated that he does a fair amount of "live" deliveries. I'm thrilled to report that my new Powder Blue tang arrived healthy, eating fish food, and swimming around like it was no big deal. It is worth the extra expense to get such a beautiful healthy specimen. I will definitely order from them again...next time I'll order a Purple tang!

Julie Crouse

Have you seen us?

Here's A Rarely Seen Hemiscyllium Shark Walking Around An Aquarium - Reefs.com

By Joe Rowlett

The Hemiscyllium sharks are some of the best-suited species for the home aquarium. They’re small (for a shark) at under one meter; they’re relatively peaceful (though probably not entirely trustworthy around smaller creatures); they don’t need much swimming space either, since they generally get around by clambering along the bottom. And now one of the rarest members from this genus just walked its way over to Elliot Lim of Marine Collectors...


Barcode Gem Tang Returns to Marine Collectors

By Jake Adams

Yellow tangs have piebalds, scopas tangs have koi variants, and now it seems that the highly desirable gem tang has its own variant called the Barcode gem tang. The barcode Gem tang is a special variant of the gem tang that we’ve seen only once before from Marine Collectors and through persistence and a keen eye, they’re the first company to come across a second one.
Where a typical gem tang is black with a series of small white spots that are almost dashes, like the name implies, the barcode gem tang has a...


As seen on BRS