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Cherry Anthias

Cherry Anthias

(Sacura margaritacea)

The Cherry Anthias, also known as the Sakura Anthias (meaning Cherry blossom in Japanese), is a large and incredibly striking fish. Having the capacity to grow to almost 6" inches, with 3-4" tail filaments, these anthias have a max size of almost 10" in total length. It is certainly one of the largest species available to the aquarium trade. These fish originate from various regions of the Western Pacific, but are almost exclusively collected from the deeper waters in Japan.
In the home aquarium, these incredible fish are incredibly hardy. Arguably, they are one of the easiest anthias to keep. Unlike other anthias, these fish are not shy to food. They readily inhale large food items, like whole krill or chopped up shrimp, which makes them much more maintainable (only requiring feedings once a day or even once every few days).
Being from deeper water, these fish prefer cooler temperatures in the 65-72 range, however they readily adapt to warmer temperatures in the 75-78 degree range. Generally, Cherries are also compatible with virtually all other tank mates; with the exception of those that may be small enough to fit in their mouth. Cherry Anthias are the hat trick of a fish collectors dreams. The combination of bright coloration, easy care level, and overall temperament makes them a great choice for any level of fish collector!
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