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Conspicillatus Angelfish

Conspicillatus Angelfish

(Chaetodontoplus conspicillatus)

The sign of a true fish collector; the Conspiculatus Angelfish, also referred to a Conspic Angel. The sight of one of these beauties in any tank is simply breathtaking! Simple in its design, the impact is bold!

Coming from the remote seas off New Caledonia and sections of the Barrier Reef, wild Conspic Angels are a fish that only come in once in a blue moon. Captive bred ones are available in limited quantity as well. In the world of fish collectors, there are fish that are referred to a "statement fish"; this is one of them.

Seen in almost exclusively FOWLR tanks, Conspics can hold their own and are quite voracious fish. Recently however, we have been sourcing captive bred ones that reportedly do phenomenally in reef tanks. While they may taste the occasional fleshy acan frag, they have proven to not be as destructive as originally thought. Conspics will grow large, some males have been seen up to 14", so a larger tank is a must.

Price: $4,000-$6,000
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