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Hawaiian Yellow Anthias

Hawaiian Yellow Anthias

(Odontanthias fuscipinnis)

The Hawaiian Yellow Anthias is one of those rare fish that few have seen in person, let alone possessed in their home aquarium. Originating from the deep reefs of Hawaii and the Johnson Atol, these fish are found in the Mesophotic regions (also known as the "twilight zone"). This zone of low light penetration is typically at a range of 150-850 feet down. For this reason, divers on conventional scuba rarely come across them. Only divers trained on incredibly dangerous rebreather set ups can usually collect them; for this reason alone, we almost never see them offered in the hobby!
Coming from deeper water, these fish can adapt to a wide range of temperature from low 60s to mid 70s. However, they will do best between 70-74 degrees. Sharing the same genus as a Borbonias, these fish are incredibly hardy and adapt well to captivity. Like Borbonias, these fish will also take large food items, do not require frequent feedings, and are compatible with almost all other inhabitants.
With the new closure in Hawaii, the chance for wild specimens has moved from slim chance to almost zero. Rare fish are our specialty, so we work with some of the best in the industry. this gives us access to extremely limited quantity of captive bred ones. The captive bred ones come in as juveniles and are even more robust than their wild counterparts. Taking to pellets with ease, growing fast, and having little regard for specific temperature ranges, they are a hardy fish made hardier!
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