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Interruptus Angelfish

Interruptus Angelfish

(Centropyge interruptus)

The Interruptus Angelfish, at any size, from juvenile to terminal male, is an outright show stopper. While it's not the most expensive of the rare fish out there, it certainly deserves credit as one of the most desirable seasonal fish out there.
Interruptus are one of the largest Centropyge. Growing to almost 8" in length, they certainly have the bold personality to match and can hold their own in a wide variety of tanks, from peaceful reef tanks, to large aggressive FOWLR tanks. These fish inhabit the sub-tropical waters off Japan and are often referred to as the Japanese Angelfish. They can tolerate temperatures from the high 50s to mid 70s. Ideally, Interruptus should be kept in the 65 to 73 degree range and offered a mixed diet of protein and algae. Being a dwarf angel, this species is considered semi- reef safe; usually leaving soft corals and LPS alone. From our in house and customer experiences, if an Interruptus is going to nip at corals it is almost always a Montipora of some kind, usually leaving Acropora alone. 
Interuptus are incredibly seasonal. While the smaller juveniles have always been difficult to acquire, in the recent years, Interuptus in general have been harder and hard to come across. 
Price: $2500-3500

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