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Lennardi Wrasse

Lennardi Wrasse

(Anampses lennardi)

Once considered a fish of myth, making the Feminis Wrasse look like your average Yellow Coris Wrasse, the Lennardi has quickly become an attainable gem for rare fish collectors. Lennardi come from Western Australia. While most people envision Australian waters as being warm and tropical, this is mainly true for the northeastern region near the Barrier Reef. The western side, where Lennardi occur is considerably colder. Lennardi prefer waters in the mid 60's to low 70's. Often it's assumed that Lennardi are like other anampses staying under 8" in maximum length, but these fish grow large. Terminal male Lennardi can border almost 2ft in total length and will take on a completely different coloration than the blue and yellow stripes they are known for. Males will lack the stripes all together and turn an emerald green. Each scale is outlined in an iridescent blue and the body takes on a color division down the middle of the body, splitting the tail from the head. The head becoming more saturated with bolder greens that blend into an almost orange near the separation at the mid section. Male or female, there is no denying the beauty of a Lennardi.
In the home aquarium, these fish have tons of personality! They have incredibly unique swimming patterns and will seemingly float around the tank face pointed down
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