Rare Finds

Welcome to our Rare Finds page!
 While it is our passion and expertise that sets us apart from the average online fish seller, the one thing that truly showcases Marine Collectors, is our specialization in finding rare, exotic and unique fish. The truly exceptional fish that collectors look for are those that come in on rare occasions. When you are looking for a fish such as the Dr. Suess Soap Fish or the Tahitian Hawkfish, or those one of a kind fish with genetic mutations that cause uniquely beautiful scale patterns or discolorations, like the Broken Bar Bandet or the lovely Solar Flairs we are the fish dealer for you. We are expert at looking for and acquiring such rare and unique fish. Maybe you are looking for that special find for your collection, or the seldom seen hybrid pairings of such fish as the White Bar X Blue Line Tang or the Blue Spot Lemon Peel? Just let us know!   
Because such unique fish come in so seldom, we do not have them readily available online for purchase. However, if you are interested in being the owner of one of these spectacular fish please send us a message with the name of the fish you are looking for and we will put you on our lookout/waiting list. Being on the list ensures that you will be the first to be contacted when and if that fish comes in. By doing so, you will be offered the option of buying the fish, before it goes up for sale online.
We are always on the look out for new, rare and special collector fish, so please sign up for our newsletter and be sure to stay up to date on the once in a lifetime fish that may be coming to Marine Collectors next!