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"Tank full of healthy Marine Collectors Fish!"

- John V. (Frederick, Maryland)

You guys didn’t tell me this Midas blenny would "eat me out of house and home" I have never seen such a hog eating on the afternoon of being introduced to the tank. Once again, thanks for the healthy fish!

- Rick G. 
Fletcher, North Carolina


I purchased a pair of wild sebae clowns from Elliot in 2022. They arrived in perfect health and have only gotten better with time.

They recently started to spawn on a regular basis. I am very happy with them. 😊

Thanks again for your help in sourcing these fish for me! I appreciate the amazing service you provide to folks like me who want something different. It was a great experience from when I first reached out to you to now, with beautiful, unique, healthy fish. I also sincerely appreciate your timely communication and attention to detail. I look forward to working with you again in the future.

- Heather S.
Ellensburg, Washington


The Copperband is making friends with the Tangs. 
Eating every time I feed.  He (she) sees me walking to the tank and gets excited to see me - everytime. 
The fish even comes up very near the surface to get at the shrimp.
What a healthy fish. 
I believe he is the culprit who completely ate several Aiptasia. 
They are gone – and this is one reason why I wanted the fish.  The other being – I like their colors with the tangs.
Please share with your team that I think I will never buy a fish from anyone but Marine Collectors going forward.
Quality is worth it!

- Bob H.
Austin, Texas

Couldn’t be happier with my purchase. Elliot was responsive and helpful. I won’t be buying fish from anyone else.

- Tim P.
(Purchased a Moorish Idol)
Washington Township, New Jersey


The clown fish I received were in great health and are doing great. No issues with getting them to feed. Staff have always gotten back to me which answers to my questions even if it was not related to their fish. Thank you so much for great fish and amazing support.

- Nicholas W.
(True Percula Clownfish)
Laveen, Arizona

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