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Yellow Tahitian Hawkfish

Tahitian Yellow Hawkfish 

(Paracirrhites xanthus)
A bold, bright, all dandelion colored fish is a hard color scheme to find, other than with a Yellow Tang. The Tahitian Yellow Hawkfish is one of few fish that sport this type of all yellow coloration. While not particularly expensive, they are incredibly hard to come by. They are an incredibly seasonal fish, so seasonal that some years we may not even see one specimen come in. Wether this is due to the divers choice to not focus on the collection of this fish, or its because there are simply not that many around, when they do come through, it is always in low numbers. Such low numbers that it almost suggests that they were accidental catches. 
When these Hawkfish come in, they are usually pretty sizable. Usually in the 4-6" range, they tend to be a very aggressive fish. They will make short work of most small tank mates and all forms of shrimp. For the average FOWLR tank or an invert-less reef tank, these fish add incredible personality to any tank; hopping from rock to rock with an almost cartoon like fashion. 
Price: $400-600

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