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How to Feed Nori - Do it Right!

How to Feed Nori - Do it Right!

Elliot Lim |

If you have herbivorous fish, then you likely feed Nori.

Nori is readily available, highly nutritious, and full of fiber. It’s a vital food that keeps your fish happy and healthy; however, If you’ve fed Nori then you know how messy it can be. Maybe you have a big fish that rips off large chunks that float around the tank or your fish go into a frenzy, and the nori becomes loose in the tank having large pieces float around the tank. Either way, - Today will be the last time that happens to you. 

Nori is often fed on a clip, or rubber banded to a piece of live rock. Or if you're like us, quarantining fish, we use PVC or a feeding rod. Now typically, you may have folded it over a couple times and then feed. But what ends up happening is that you allow fish to take large bites where they can pull the Nori out from however it is attached.

To feed Nori properly, this is what we recommend

To begin, you will need:

  • Sheet(s) of Nori
  • Rubber band or nori clip
  • Feeding Device, aka the thing you will attach it to (for the sake of this example, we will be using  some PVC that has been glued together).

Begin by folding over the sheet of Nori a couple times. Once it's folded to a manageable size, you will begin to roll the Nori. You should roll it as tight as possible.


Now take your rolled up Nori and rubberband it to your feeding device. For this example, it's PVC.  Putting this in your Nori clip will also work well.

Feeding Nori in this fashion will allow fish to take large full bites, but never rip off large chunks that become messy in the tank.


We hope this helps! 
Happy Fishkeeping! 

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