(BIOTA) Flathead Perch

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"Rainfordia opercularis - The Australian Flat head perch is a true odd ball fish. They have amazing bright coloration with orange and aqua colored stripes when they reach adulthood. These specimens are around 1-3" right now but can grow to a max sizing of 5-7". 

The Australian Flathead Perch is one of the rarest aquarium fish on earth, and not many people have seen this species in real life. This cryptic deepwater species is difficult to collect and rarely seen in the wild. The species is incredibly difficult to raise, but the aquaculture team in Biota's North Carolina facility use their decades of experience to make it possible. 

As juveniles they should be kept with other small, peaceful fish. As adults, they can live with other peaceful species that are too large for them to eat. They do not pick on live coral or sessile inverts, but adults may eat shrimp and other small crustaceans that can fit in their mouths.

These will eat anything they can fit into their large, wide mouths, but they tend to be on the more passive side and prefer to dwell in shaded areas. They're very food motivated and with time learn to recognize their humans, excitedly leaving their cave during feeding time. These juveniles are feeding on TDO C1 pellets, Easy Reef's Masstick, and Hikari's mysis shrimp." - Biota Group