(ORA) Zombie Clownfish

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"Like a fish that’s returned from the dead, the ORA Zombie Clownfish is truly one of the more unique strains of Black Ocellaris. These fish start out as neon orange juveniles with iridescent, blood red eyes. As they mature, ORA Zombie Clownfish display varying degrees of their parental Black Ocellaris pigment, with layers of smoky grey and neon orange splotches. Their final form is something like a soggy ORA Black Ocellaris that’s swam up from the depths of the underworld, looking spectacularly like a living DOA. Our broodstock descend from specimens ORA obtained from clownfish breeder Robert King.  Robert named these fish Zombies when he first spotted them in a batch he raised from two, normal looking wild-type Black Ocellaris parents." - ORA Farm